Growth Through Gardening was developed based on Bobbie's background in Professional Counseling and experience in developing and implementing horticultural therapy programs. While initially seeing the benefits of horticultural therapy in a clinical setting, developing programming for schools, summer camps, families and individuals has shown that the human need for experiences in nature is universal. Growth Through Gardening was created in an effort to use Bobbie's education, training and experience to cultivate and enrich lives through nature based experiences. Our goal is to nourish the mind, body and spirit of every client through horticultural activities.

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What Is Horticultural Therapy?

bobbie mabe - owner and horticultural therapy consultant

TheAmerican Horticultural Therapy Association defines horticultural therapy as "the engagement of a client in horticultural activities facilitated by a trained therapist to achieve specific and documented treatment goals". Horticultural therapy is a time-proven practice and has been documented since ancient times. Today, horticultural therapy is used in a wide range of settings to meet a variety of client goals.  

Growth Through Gardening offers horticultural therapy programming that is tailored to meet our clients' needs.  We design each garden and every experience based on the unique goals of our clients. We believe that everyone benefits from interaction with nature and that horticultural therapy can be used to meet goals that range from the most clinical to the most basic.  Whether you are part of a corporation looking for a unique team-building workshop, part of a therapeutic practice looking to expand offerings for clients, or an individual looking to meet personal goals, we are here to guide you.  

ABout Growth Through Gardening

At Growth Through Gardening, we seek to design horticultural activities that offer opportunities for fascination, wonder, and joy.

Photos courtesy of John Merrick Photography

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MA in Professional Counseling - Argosy University, Chicago, IL
Certificate in Horticultural Therapy through the Horticultural Therapy Institute